There are two ways to add images to your email. If you're on branded domains, you can easily drag and drop the image into the editor or upload the file. If not, you'll have to host your image elsewhere and link to it.

In your email step, click on the image icon to add an image. 

Adding images through drag and drop

Adding images through drag and drop will only appear if you're on branded domains. 

Adding images through links

If you're not on branded domains, you'll only see the option to add in the image URL. You'll need to make sure the image's URL ends in .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif so it uploads correctly. 

Adding links to images

Images can be made clickable through adding links. To link an image, click on image and then on the link icon to enter the URL. Once the URL is saved, the image will become clickable. 

How to host and add your own image

If you have this image hosted on your website already, you can actually just reference that link like so:

If not, you'll need to host this image somewhere else. We recommend using imgur to host those images reliably. You can refer to Imgur's help article to see what file types and size limits can be uploaded. When you've uploaded it, right click on the image and "copy image address". It should end in .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, etc. Use that URL to replace the URL that's listed above. This is what the URL will look like:

Understanding the pros & cons to images in email

  • Images may not be seen by everyone since every person's mail service is different. For example, Gmail will show it but Outlook will not.
  • Some anti-spam mail services will count this image against you which will lower your deliverability.

Note: Video thumbnail images can be added using video links if the video is hosted on YouTube or Loom.

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