Our editor uses markdown for formatting your text so you can write HTML straight into your message and it'll render properly.

Mail merge tags

  • You can add in "variables" in place of somebody's name, company name, etc. To do so you just need to provide tags like {{ first_name }}  in your template. This will then replace that tag into someone's name like "Steven".
  • You don't need to worry about if a variable is empty. We won't send messages to contacts where information is missing until that missing info is filled in for the contact. 
  • You can also apply "fallbacks" in case you don't have information about a contact but still want the message to send. For instance, this is what the fallback will look like if a contact's first name is missing and being replaced with "there":{{ fallback first_name 'there'}} 
  • We do some cool things with some tags. For example, name tags will normalize names and get rid of prefixes and suffixes like "Dr." or "MBA".

Writing your first message

  • Make your message short and sweet. Most people will glance at your message so you only have a couple seconds to grab their attention
  • Bring up the pain that the industry typically sees and how you're trying to solve it. You can also mention it's worth relative to how much time or money it saves them
  • Here's an example of what a first subject and message should say:
Quick question about sourcing tech candidates at {{ company }}?
Hey {{first_name}},

Reaching out from [Interseller](, we help great
recruiting teams like yours source candidates directly from GitHub and
LinkedIn profiles. You can use our chrome extension to source lists of
candidates, automatically put them into email sequences and sync all
their information into Greenhouse with one-click.

Interseller can also help you manage mail merge style email outreach
from spreadsheets of contacts. It automatically prevents common
mistakes like bogus emails, duplicate sends, and sending at the wrong

The ceiling for manual prospecting on a good day tends to max out
around 75 candidates a day. Would you be open to trying Interseller
for free to see if you could break that?


Steven Lu
Co-Founder, [Interseller](

Follow up messages

  • Now that you've sent a message to that person, you'll want to follow up with them in a couple of days to help trigger a reply
  • Typically your second message should be within 2-3 days where your third message should be 7+ days so that you're not bothering them too much
  • Your follow up message should be shorter than your first message and should also stick to what's great about what you're solving
  • Don't worry about follow up messages if they've already replied back. We prevent this from happening automatically
  • Here's an example following the previous message:
Just following up from my previous email.

Interseller sources, emails and tracks candidates with just one-click.
We help you find personal email addresses from GitHub and LinkedIn
with a Chrome extension, send them emails with drip sequences and sync
them to your ATS.

It is so easy to use and is similarly priced to a Netflix
subscription. We also a have a free trial if you wanted to
just try it out yourself!

Would you be down for a quick demo either sometime this week or next

Tips and tricks

  • You can also add images into your messages, though we do not recommend it
  • You can also format your messages using Markdown
  • You can also add in conditional blocks in your messages:{{#if custom_field}}Your custom text here{{/if}} {{#ifeq company 'Interseller'}}Custom text for company{{/ifeq}} 
  • All of your messages will be grouped under the same thread like how Gmail does it in your inbox unless you specify "use a new thread" and a new subject line
  • The less it looks like a marketing email, the more personal it will feel which will result in a higher response rate

If you ever need help or are confused at any of this just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!

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