If some of the contacts in your sequences have a "missing info" status for a required custom field, you can use a line of code so that there's fallback text or a space placeholder.

You can use this line of code to have a fallback text or blank space in place of the contact's empty custom field:

{{ fallback custom_field 'text or blank space' }}  
Here's how the code would look like if you use "there" as fallback text for contacts without a first name:

{{ fallback first_name 'there' }} 

Here's how the code would look like if you use a blank space as a fallback placeholder:
{{ fallback custom_field '' }} 

It'll look like this within the email step:

This is how the message will appear for the contact in the preview tab if they don't have that specific custom field filled out:

Clearing contact errors after enter missing info

If you still see the "missing info" status for the contacts after entering in the line of code into the email step, you can clear the error for them individually or in bulk.

To individually clear the "missing info" error for a contact, you can click on their status:

To bulk clear the error, you can check the box next to the contact and then select the "Clear Errors" option from the drop-down menu:

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