Interseller's integration with CATS lets you sync contacts into CATS as candidates whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

To connect Interseller to CATS, you can visit the integrations settings tab. You'll need an API Key from CATS to connect it to Interseller. You can click on the CATS link in the window to be taken to CATS' page to generate the API Key. 

When you're logged into CATS,  navigate to Settings > Administration > API Keys to generate the key to connect to Interseller.

Once CATS is connected, you can choose how to sync contacts at an account level. You can select among the following sync options:

  1. Off - contacts won't be synced into CATS
  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - contacts will sync over to CATS
  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - contacts will only sync over to CATS when they reply

You can also sync your email activity over to CATS when you enable activity tracking. 

Note: Any email activity for contacts added to Interseller before CATS was connected cannot be backfilled. 

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