Changing the time between your emails is easy. You can change it at the bottom the the editor of each and every step.

Here are some additional things to note:

  1. The timing for the first email cannot be reduced to shorter than 10 minutes. We add this buffer to give you some time to modify newly added contacts. When you set the amount to 0 days to wait, it will default to 10 minutes. 
  2. When launching sequences, be sure to check the schedule setting for sending emails if you're not seeing emails send out immediately. 
  3. For all follow-ups, the minimum amount must be set to 1 day. This setting can't be set to send follow-up emails within the same day. Sending follow-ups within the same day can lead to your emails being marked as spam and affect your email reputation.
  4. Let's say you sent the first email on Monday and set the next email to send two days after. The next email will be sent on Wednesday. If the next email falls on an "off" day to your schedule. We'll attempt to send that email on the next available day set in your schedule.
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