To send a test email to yourself, visit the "preview" tab and click on the "Send Test Email button". You can also preview how an email looks like for a specific contact by selecting them in the drop-down menu and clicking on the paper airplane icon. 

Things to note:

  • We do not recommend adding yourself to a sequence. Stats will not work as expected when sending an email to either yourself or another email address you own.
  • If a contact isn't selected to send a test email for, it will instead populate your info by default. Some custom fields might not populate your info in the test email because that info isn't store anywhere in the sequence so it will show the custom field instead (i.e. it will show "{{job_title}}" instead of populating your job title)
  • Unsubscribe links do not get added in a test email.
  •  Test emails will always be sent as individual emails regardless if they're steps in a sequence. Previous steps do not get added "under the fold" or referenced in test emails.
  • The "RE:" flag in the subject line will not get added. This is dependent on the email client (like Gmail or Outlook) to add it. 
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