Three things to note about the owner of a sequence:

  • The owner of a sequence is the one who initially created the sequence
  • The owner is also the sender for the sequence
  • You cannot change the owner of a sequence

In order to "change the owner" you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Clone the sequence as the new target owner by going to "add sequence" and cloning the campaign

2. Move the contacts over from the old sequence into the one that you created

If you're an owner/manager:
When adding a sequence, you'll see the option to change the owner/sender. This option isn't visible to users. Once you've set the owner/sender and added the sequence, it can't be changed afterwards even if the sequence hasn't been launched yet. 

When contacts reply to sent emails from the owner/sender of the sequence, those replies can only be viewed in the owner/sender's inbox. If you and your teammates want to collaborate on each other's inboxes to send replies on behalf of an email address, we recommend using Front.

Note: The contacts you move into the new sequence will restart the steps to your contacts. You cannot change owners mid-sequence primarily because email servers do not allow it and it increases your risk for being flagged as spam.

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