Our Chrome extension by default prioritizes work emails to be displayed whenever you're on search results or in a profile. Interseller also provides personal email searches, but you'll need to get in contact with our team to activate it.

Adjusting the Chrome extension setting to get work or personal emails

In order to change this, you'll need to navigate to your settings and select the Chrome Extension panel. From there, you can select between 5 options:

  • None - this pulls up any email that appears on the page, similar to the Find browser function (the lookup function isn't being used to locate the email so your lookup credit doesn't count here) 
  • Work Only - this pulls only work emails
  • Personal Only - this pulls only personal emails
  • Any (Work First) - this prioritizes work emails first and then personal emails if work emails can't be found
  • Any (Personal First) - this prioritizes personal emails first and then work emails if personal emails can't be found

Note: There's a maximum of 1 credit per email lookup since only one email is being searched for. If you search for both a personal and work email for the same contact, this will count as 2 credits. The credit will be counted when an email is found. If an email isn't found, then the credit won't count. 

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