Email lookup credits only apply to emails that you find via our Chrome extension or through CSV imports. Here are some facts around what email lookup credits are:

  • Lookup credits are shared amongst teammates (i.e. if you have 5 teammates and 250 lookups per seat, you have a total of 1,250 lookups).
  • Lookups are charged per request, not the number of emails we find.
  • Additional lookup credits are sold in batches of 250.
  • There's a maximum of 1 lookup credit per contact, which will apply to either their personal or work email.
  • If you look up the same contact to find both their personal and work email, this will count as 2 lookup credits.
  • Lookup credits are automatically credited back for invalid emails found through the Chrome extension and CSV imports.
  • Lookup credits are not counted if we can't find anything.
  • Lookup credits are not counted when the Chrome extension setting is set to "None - use only what's available on the page".
  • A lookup credit won't count twice if you run a lookup for the same contact in a 30-day period. If you run a lookup for the same contact in another billing period, then that'll count as another lookup credit.
  • Lookup credits reset on your next billing date and any remaining lookups won't roll over to the next billing period.
  • Sending emails from sequences are also free of charge.
  • Email validations are separate and have their own limits.

Additional lookup credits can be added to your account at an additional charge without needing to add additional seats. Feel free to get in touch with us to get that set up!

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