Email templates can be created within an email step of a sequence or within the Templates library.

Creating templates within email sequences

Once you've finalized your email copy, you can easily save it within the step. Click on the drop-down menu and select "Save Template" under the Templates section.

From there, you'll need to name the template. If you'd like to share it with the team, toggle on the "Share with team" option turned on so your teammates can access the shared template and use it for their sequences. 

Using templates in sequences

Once the template is saved, you can access it by clicking on "Use Template" under the Templates section in the step's screen editor. Only templates created by you will appear in the template list. If you'd like to use a teammate's template, you can access it from the Templates library and clone it to use for your own sequence. 

If you want to edit the template, click on the drop-down and select "Edit Template". This will then take you to the Templates library where you can make changes to the template or remove it. 

Creating templates in the Templates library

Email templates can be created, edited, and removed within the Templates library. 

Creating new templates in the Templates library

To add a new template, click on the "New Template" button on the top right and a pop-up will appear. Give the template a name and choose whether the template will be shared with the team or only accessible to you.

Once the template has been created, you can add in the email copy for the new template in the email editor. Be sure to click "Save" to save the email copy.

Renaming and deleting email templates

The template can be renamed or deleted by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the template title. Once a template has been deleted, it cannot be restored so be sure that you no longer want the template before deleting it. 

Using a teammate's template or a public template

When you select "Team Templates" from the drop-down menu, you'll see your teammate's shared email templates. In order to use their email templates, you'll need to clone it so it can be your own template. Once you clone it, the template will appear under the "My Templates" list.

We recommend personalizing it before using it in your sequences. Personalizing it can help ensure that your emails are better tailored to your contacts and can help with email deliverability. 

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