Personalizing messages to each contact is a good way to increase your reply rates. Messages can be personalized in sequences or in the Tasks dashboard.

Personalizing messages in sequences

To do so, visit the "preview" tab of your sequence to edit each message individually.

From there, you can edit each message in the sequence for each contact with the search bar provided on the left side.

We usually recommend personalizing the initial message in the sequence. We can help you handle the follow-ups. 

Personalizing messages in the Tasks dashboard

In the “Tasks” dashboard, it will show a list of contacts that need personalization and an editor to personalize the message. You’ll also see an overview for each contact to help you when crafting your message. 

In order to see the list of contacts who require personalization in the "Tasks" dashboard, the sequences they exist in need to be launched first.

Contacts can also be removed from the Tasks dashboard if you no longer want to email them. 

You can also switch between teammates to personalize emails in their sequences:

Setting up personalized emails up for specific steps

If you'd like to activate personalization for a specific step within a sequence, click the “change” button under your sequence step’s copy and toggle the switch to require personalization.

Now, when any of your contacts reach that step, you’ll be asked to personalize their message before the email can be sent out. 

Note: Stats for personalized messages will appear in the the "Totals & Averages" for the step that was personalized. 

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