One of the best features that Interseller is its tight integration with Salesforce. Here's how it works.

Adding contacts from Salesforce into Interseller
We first check to see if a contact or lead exists in Salesforce by email address. If it does, we'll associate with that record instead. You have the option to sync it as a Lead or a Contact (which also creates the associated Account). Additionally we'll add a link in the contact details where you can click to open into Interseller.

Along with adding the contact, we'll also warn you if we find that individual already in Salesforce. If set, we'll also prevent emails from sending out until you resolve it.

Customizing which fields get synced over
You can customize each field that we sync over into Salesforce. Makes it really easy to control what data gets passed over into which fields

Email messages and replies
Any message that we send gets synced over into Salesforce as an activity. As an added benefit, we'll also sync over the first reply from any contact over too!

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