Interseller can automatically sync contacts into Zoho CRM when they're added into a sequence. 

You can connect Interseller to Zoho CRM on the Integrations page. You'll be prompted to enter your login credentials and grant Interseller access to your Zoho CRM account. 

Adjusting the sync settings

Once Zoho CRM is connected, you can adjust the sync settings and select if contacts sync as leads or contacts. You can select between the following sync options:

  1. Off - contacts won't be synced into Zoho CRM
  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - contacts will sync over to Zoho CRM
  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - contacts will only sync over to Zoho CRM when they reply

Changing the sync option per sequence

You can override the default setting where contacts get synced at the sequence level. You'll need to visit the sequence's settings to adjust this. Be sure to select whether contacts sync as leads or contacts in the sequence first since this can't be re-synced if contacts are added first and then later a sync option is selected for the sequence.

Enable/disable deduplication for Zoho CRM

You can toggle on the deduplication setting for Zoho CRM to be warned if a contact already exists in Zoho CRM. This will mark the contact with the error "Exists in Integration" if we find that their email already exists in Zoho CRM. If deduplication isn't turned on, then we won't check to see if they exist in Zoho CRM. It's recommended to keep deduplication enabled to reduce having duplicate contacts within your integration. 

Custom Field Mapping 

You can also customize how the field mapping from Interseller syncs over to Zoho CRM.

Disable syncing sequences to Zoho CRM

You can also disable syncing a sequence over to Zoho CRM in the "Sync" tab within the sequence's settings. If you don't want contacts to sync over to Zoho CRM, you'll want to make sure this is enabled first before adding contacts into the sequence.

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