Patience my friend! Our system is designed to send emails out over time and run safety checks for each and every email it sends. Generally speaking, emails will start to send out within 10-15 minutes after launching your campaign.

Below are also some common issues you may want to review too:

Check to make sure your contacts don't have any errors on them
When looking at a sequence, click the "needs attention"' stat filter to see which contacts have errors on them. Errors need to be resolved before emails are sent out, its our way of preventing mistakes!

Uploading a large set of contacts can take some time before emails get sent out
It takes some time for our system to validate each and every contact you've added. Usually uploading over a thousand contacts can cause a bit of a delay. Therefore, sending emails may be slightly delayed until we can validate those email addresses.

Editing and/or launching your sequence will add a delay to sending
Our system adds a 10 minute buffer to allow you to continue editing and modifying your sequence so it doesn't start sending emails while you're making changes to it.

If you'd like to learn more about how we send and schedule emails out, check out this help article.

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