Installing the extension

Setting up the Chrome extension is easy. All you need to do is visit Interseller on the Chrome web store or visit the following link:

Using the extension

After installing the extension, you'll notice a new button on your browser and on social media sites like LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, and GitHub. Click the button to begin a search for emails. When the search is complete, you can select a sequence you'd like to save the profile and email to.

This is an example of what the search results looks like using the Interseller button on LinkedIn. In the yellow box, it'll highlight the following information:

  • If the contact is found in another sequence 
  • If the contact is found in integrations like Salesforce
  • When the contact was added
  • When the contact was last messaged and which sequence they were last messaged in 
  • When the contact last responded

If multiple emails are pulled, you can select the email address to see the above information and check if they're already in any of your sequences. If the email address has never been added to or created within Interseller, the yellow box won't appear. 

Other Resources

To learn more about our Chrome extension, check out our help directory for more information:

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