Running A/B tests are great to see which emails perform better. To run an A/B test, open up a sequence, select the down arrow next to the step you'd like to test and click "Start A/B Test". 

Below are some things to note when running A/B tests: 

  • You can A/B test the subject line and context.
  • Any follow-ups to an A/B test will appear in the same thread as the initial email. If the first step in a sequence is being A/B tested and has follow-ups, those follow-ups will always use the last subject line that was sent to the contact. 
  • It's not possible to A/B test a new thread within a sequence.
  • We recommend A/B testing for only one step of a sequence since A/B testing for multiple steps in a sequence complicates things and makes it difficult to measure data.
  • If you'd like to A/B test multiple steps within a sequence, you can create 2 separate sequences to measure their performance easily and clearly.

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