Logging into Interseller with the magic login link

If you are having trouble logging in through your email server or our system is not accepting your IMAP and SMTP settings, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Once you get in contact with us, we can send you a magic login link to help get you logged back in.

You can also send yourself a magic login link from the login page if you're trying to log in with your email server.

Here is what the email containing the magic login link looks like:

The magic login link is only active for 30 minutes and is only good for one-time use. If the link isn't clicked within that timeframe or if the link is being used for a second time, we'll need to generate a new link for you.

If you are able to login through the Nylas method, please continue using this method instead of requesting a magic login link as this is not a proper authentication method.

Note: You must have an existing Interseller account in order for the magic login link to work. 
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