Understanding the Reports Dashboard

Learn how to better understand the metrics on your Reports Dashboard.

In the Reports dashboard, you can filter reports based on team, team members, sequence, and start/end dates. Owners and managers have access to team metrics so their view of the Reports dashboard will look a bit different than a user's dashboard.

Owner & Manager's View of the Reports Dashboard:

On the upper left side of the Reports dashboard, you will see two funnels of data:

  1. Contacts added
  2. Messages sent for a specified time frame

To the right of this, you can hover over each line in the graph to see each team member's metrics. These metrics contain the amount of contacts that have been reached, added, messaged, contacts that have opened their messages, and how many contacts have replied. 

Under the overview of the metrics, you will see a heat grid displaying the average of the the highest and lowest amount of opens and replies across a week and 24-hour period. You can hover over each square to see the amount of opens or replies for a specific day and hour. 

On the right side of this, you will see each team member's metrics for messages sent and the dates they sent those messages.

User's View of the Reports Dashboard:

A user will only be able to see their dashboard and metrics which will look something like this:

Things to consider when reviewing your Reports Dashboard:

  • Duplicate contacts will count multiple times if they are added into multiple sequences.
  • Contacts who are moved over from one sequence to another will only count once for contacts messaged.
  • Contacts who were added into a sequence before the specified timeframe but were messaged within that timeframe will not display in the contacts messaged report. This is because they weren't added into the sequence during that selected time frame within the Dashboard

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