Enabling Chrome extension redaction

Learn about enabling the redaction feature for the Chrome extension.

Our Chrome Extension redaction feature can blank out contacts' names and photos in LinkedIn search results to help source unbiasedly. 

Note: Since this feature is currently in beta, please reach out to our Support team to enable this.

Enabling redaction and adding contacts from LinkedIn

To enable the redaction feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Chrome Extension settings and toggle on the "Enable Redaction (Beta)" feature.
  2. After the feature has been enabled, be sure to refresh the page on LinkedIn so the redaction feature is updated. In LinkedIn's search results, you'll see contacts' names and photos blanked out. Select a checkbox next to the contact's profile to run an email lookup for them.
  3. In the lookup window, you'll see their name and photo appear as well as when they're added to a sequence. After an email is found, select a sequence to add the contact to

If you would like to turn off the redaction feature, you can toggle this off in the Chrome Extension settings and refresh the page on LinkedIn to update the changes. 

Note: The redaction feature doesn't work for individual profile email lookups, only bulk lookups.
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