Add "Export to Interseller" button in Bullhorn

How to set up the "Export to Interseller" button in Bullhorn.

You can easily select contacts within Bullhorn and add them to an Interseller button right from your Bullhorn search. First, we'll have to set it up within your Bullhorn account. You must be an admin in order to edit layouts.

Adding the action to Bullhorn

1. Using the menu, open up the admin icon, then look for the "View Layout" button.

2. Once you open the "View Layout" tab within Bullhorn, choose the field map entity that you'd like to create your custom action for as indicated as #1 in the image. Click on "Custom Menu Actions" shown in #2. And create your new custom action.

You will need to add the following information to create the action:

Name: Export to Interseller
Location: On a record list, in the Action section

Using the action

Afterward, head over to a candidate search to find the new action you've created. You can use the action by following the steps in this screenshot.

Interseller will then open in a new Bullhorn tab for you to select which sequence you'd like to add them to.

Note #1: You must already have an email address for your contacts otherwise they will not be imported into Interseller.
Note #2: We'll add your new contact as specified to your custom field mapping that you've set up in your integration settings.
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