Creating email server rules to move sequence replies

Learn how to set up email server rules to move sequence replies.

When email server rules are set up to automatically move sequence replies into folders, this causes issues with replies syncing over to Interseller. When replies aren't synced to Interseller, the contact's status doesn't change to "replied". This means they will continue to receive messages, even after they have replied to the sequence. 

This happens because the replies land in a different folder than the main inbox folder first. The reply needs to land in the main inbox first in order to sync to Interseller, which will then update the contact's status to "replied". Moving the reply to another folder after it lands in the main inbox won't affect anything so it's best to move it afterwards so replies can sync properly. 

If you set these rules up and don't see replies syncing to Interseller, you can move the sequence replies to the main inbox so they sync over. You can then move them back to the folder they were in before if you would like to keep them organized.

Note: If you manually set a contact's status to "replied" before moving the reply back to the main inbox, their reply won't sync over afterwards. It's best to move the replies back to the main inbox instead of manually adjusting contacts' statuses. 
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